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As the Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra celebrates its 84th season, we encourage you to contribute to financially support our Orchestra

members who give their all every concert!

We wouldn’t be here without all your generous donations and contributions.

Our 85th Anniversary Season ~ Support Made Simple

The Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra has been creating a magical and memorable experiences through the power of symphonic music in the Great Lakes Region for Eighty-Five Seasons! Here is how your business can help keep the music flowing and keep us doing great things. Celebrate our 85th Season by participating in our TAKE-A-STAND program, 85th Anniversary program, or Circle of Giving program. It doesn’t take much, but you are the key to our success!

Take A Stand for the Orchestra.

TAKE A STAND for the music you love! Ticket sales only cover 46% of the total cost of performing five concerts each season. YOU can TAKE A STAND for the ORCHESTRA with a donation of $500 to $1,000 to help support our live, magical performances. Make your donation today and your name will appear on our TAKE A STAND donor listing in each concert program for a full year! Your name will also be displayed on our Music Stand board in the Temple Theatre lobby to recognize your generous support. Monthly and quarterly payment plans are available. You can TAKE A STAND by calling the SBSO office at 989-755-6471 or online by using the donation buttons below.

The SBSO has entertained generations of concert goers and continues to deliver superior concerts which greatly enriches the quality of life throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region!

ATTEND our musically diverse concerts and enjoy an exceptional live musical experience! The typical season consists of three masterworks classical concerts, one Holiday Pops and one pops concert.

EXPERIENCE tomorrow’s musicians today! The Saginaw Bay Youth Orchestra provides educational opportunities for youth throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region.

TAKE A STAND! It’s a tangible expression of your appreciation to our musicians who dedicate their lives to music making.

DONATIONS in any amount are appreciated and keeps our ticket prices affordable for all patrons. Ticket sales account for 26% of our revenue and general contributions account for less than 10% of our revenue.

You can also send a donation to our office or call (989) 755-6471 to make a contribution using your VISA, MasterCard or Discover card. Your tax-deductible gift will be recognized in our concert programs for one year.

85th Anniversary

Giving Program

The 85TH ANNIVERSARY program is in celebration of our 85th Season. Help us continue our mission to provide exceptional experiences through high-quality performances and innovative educational programs.




Circle of

Giving Program

The CIRCLE OF GIVING program helps us enrich lives across generations. Every dollar you give goes to making music, and no donation is too small when our entire community works together.

FRIEND: $ 99-less

PATRON $100-$499

BENEFACTOR: $500-$999

Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra

Sponsorship opportunities

Season Sponsorship

$100,000 – Diamond Sponsor
$50,000 – Premier Sponsor
$40,000 – Conductor Sponsor
$35,000 – Temple Theatre Sponsor
$8,000 – AfterGlow Sponsor
$7,000 – Prelude Sponsor
$4,000 – Concertmaster Sponsor
$2,000 – Brochure Sponsor

Concert Sponsorship

$25,000 – Exclusive Concert Sponsor
$20,000 – Gold Concert Sponsor
$15,000 – Silver Concert Sponsor
$10,000 – Premier Concert Sponsor
$5,000 – Major Concert Sponsor
$2,500 – Supporting Concert Sponsor
$2,000-$4,000 – Guest Artist Sponsor

Lifetime Endowed Chairs

$25,000 to Saginaw Community Foundation

Take A Stand for the Orchestra

$500 or $1000

Donor Levels

$5,000-$9,999 – Conductor’s Club
$1,000-$4,999 – Baton Circle
$500-$999 – Benefactor
$100-$499 – Patron
$99 and less – Friend